AFTER: Painted Kitchen Cabinets

It has been over a year since I painted our kitchen cabinets, and they have held up very well.  I wipe them down with white vinegar and water when I notice smudges or food drips.  It took a few months for me to get around to adding the finishing touches, such as caulking the seams and adding the hardware, but we are thrilled withe final results.  We still have a pretty extensive “wish list” for the kitchen, but it feels more like ours now.

It is amazing how much a gallon of paint can transform a room.

I struggle to take a bright picture from this angle (clearly I need a better camera than my iPhone), but it is still so much brighter with the white cabinets.

More kitchen brightness!

When I started this endeavor, Husband was very skeptical that I could finish the bulk of the painting in a week and that they would look nice and hold up…for under $200!  He’s now a believer!

Project List

Hope you enjoyed our kitchen transformation!

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