Easy Afternoon Project: Coffee Tray

SHL Coffee Tray 1

This re-purposed desk drawer became our simple coffee tray after a quick coat of primer, a piece of contact paper, and 2 cute drawer pulls were added.

I found this abandoned desk drawer, dirty and filled with old pencils stubs, paper clips, and random scraps of paper, lying next to the dumpster at our former apartment complex.  It wasn’t very pretty, with chipped paint and dirty smudges, but it is solid wood with dove tailed corners, so I knew it could be cleaned up and used for something around the house.  I grabbed it and hid it in our garage (away from my husband who is not a big fan of DIY projects until completed) while we prepared to move to our house.

After we were settled in and the kitchen cabinets were painted, I realized that the neglected drawer was the perfect size for a beverage tray to organize our Keurig, coffee, sugar and cream containers.  I wiped down the drawer and added a quick coat of gray primer that I had on hand.  I like that the primer is flat and looks a little like caulk paint.

SHL Coffee Tray 2

I wanted a surface that was easy to clean, so I cut a piece of black contact paper and fit it into the bottom of the tray.

SHL Coffee tray 5

The drawer was missing its original knobs, so I added these cute, vintage-inspired knobs to accent the front of the tray.

Viola!  Super simple, inexpensive re-purposing project!

SHL Coffee Tray 6


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