Painting A Red Stripe

When we first viewed our house, there was one bedroom that we could barely see.  Literally.  The light bulb was burned out and it was overcast outside, but with the help of my iPhone flashlight we were able to glimpse the green room.

SHL Office 3

Tripp hard at work in the Green Room

My parents had scored this great desk FREE on Craigslist, and brought it up with them when they came to help us move.  The desk isn’t perfect, but it was FREE and is super sturdy.  Sturdy as in heavy.  It took both of us to move the desk away from the wall, and we were not able to move it completely out of the room, so I had to work around the desk while I taped, primed, and painted.

Tripp is an Ohio State fan and wanted an office that reflected the school’s colors.  He really wanted an all scarlet office, but I put a stop to that idea.  We decided to go with one scarlet wall, and 3 gray walls with a red and white stripe. {I have been advised to refer to “red” as “scarlet” when discussing The Ohio State University}

The first thing I did before I started taping was to determine roughly where I wanted the scarlet stripe.  Then, I painted a thick white stripe around the 3 walls.

After the white paint dried, I marked the measurements in the pencil and then applied tape to the lines.  I thought this step would take longer, but the taping went really fast.

Once the tape was in place, I went back over the white paint, above and below the tape to ensure that the white fully covered and to prevent bleeding when I started the scarlet.

The next step was priming.  Red/scarlet paint over a lighter color can take a lot of coats, so I asked our Sherwin-Williams store to recommend a gray primer for the wall.

And, then I primed all the areas that would be painted scarlet.

After all the prep work was finished, it was time for the fun.  I used 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams’ Bolero and 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams’ Mindful Gray.  I started the scarlet on our anniversary, and sent Tripp a picture of his anniversary gift while he was away at corporate.

And, after the tape was removed, I had a white strip above and below the scarlet.

And, this is what the office looks like on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading!

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