Guest Bath Update

Nearly every room in our house is a work-in-progress, and our guest bathroom is no exception.  Although it is still in need of further updating, I think we have improved the overall look of the bathroom by simply removing the wallpaper, painting, and adding a simple shower curtain.

At some point in home interior design history, this bathroom was a real work of art.

SHL Guest Bath Before

Yes, it’s true; the wallpaper border and the shower curtain match.  I had no idea that they actually matched shower curtains and borders.  And, in case you can’t see it in the above picture, the walls have a special “faux finish”, which I have affectionately referred to as bologna splatters against the wall.

SHL Guest Bath Before 1

My goal with this project was to remove the wallpaper border, freshen up the paint to remove the bologna splatters, and change out the shower curtain.  The vanity, counter top, and flooring are part of the “work-in-progress” features of this bathroom, but it was important to me that our guests not feel like they were in a mid-90’s time warp when visiting us.

The first step was removing the border and the 90’s light fixture.  I was surprised that the adhesive on the border was in better condition than our powder room, so it took a bit longer than I anticipated to spray and scrape off all the border and adhesive.

Once the border and light fixture were removed, I painted 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray. 

And, here is the initial simple update on our guest bathroom.

SHL Guest Bath almost after

Pardon the poor lighting.  It isn’t a fancy, spa-like bathroom at this point, but it is a clean and simple update.



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