Dining Room Update

Our dining room was originally chocolate brown with a sharp white chair rail.  It was a beautiful paint job, very clean and classic.

I knew I wanted to eventually paint the area under the chair rail white with gray above, but with so many other rooms needing attention, it was not a priority project.  Then, I found the canvas cow that reminded me of our time on St. Thomas, and the room started to get more attention.

SHL Dining Before Cow

And, then, we found our dining room table on clearance at Macy’s.

SHL Dining Room before table

With the dark furniture, the room felt so dark and enclosed, and I knew it was time to lighten it up.

First, I taped the chair rail, baseboard, and molding around the windows.  Since I was going with lighter paint colors, I primed both sections of the wall.  I used the left over white primer from the kitchen for the lower section, and the leftover gray primer from Tripp’s office for the upper section.

Even with just primer, the room felt more open and spacious.


SHL dining room after

This is the best after picture that I currently have on file.  Still a work in progress, but at least I can see progress being made.

I think the Before and After with the cow best reflect the change.




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