Pretty No-Sew Utility Skirt

After years of tiny, awkward, flooded, mosquito-filled laundry rooms on the island, I am super grateful for our large, very efficient, dry, pest-free laundry room.  Our washer and dryer both work, there is a counter top for folding, lower cabinets for storage, a rod for hanging clothes to dry, space for a drying rack, and a utility sink.  I found some great gently used upper cabinets to paint and hang above the water and dryer, which are in the process of being refinished, but, in the meantime, I wanted to make the utility sink a little prettier by adding a skirt.


I found this great shower curtain on clearance at the HomeGoods near my office.

SHL Skirt curtain


It compliments my inspiration piece for the laundry room, was ~$5, and the fabric is relatively heavy.  I started by measuring the utility sink for 2 panels, one along the front, and one along the right side.  Then, I spread the curtain on our table, marked the measurements, and cut the fabric.

I had fusing tape on hand to use instead of sewing the seams.  I folded each seam in place and ironed it in place before inserting the fusing tape and ironing it in place.

Then, I added a strip of sticky-back velcro along the top of the cleaned utility sink, and the matching strip along the top edge of the newly fused skirt.

And, voila!

SHL Skirt After 1

Hope you enjoy!  I look forward to sharing the completed laundry room soon.

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