Budget Kitchen Update – Part I

We are nearing the final stretch of our kitchen update, and I am thrilled with the results.  It’s been quite the adventure – over the last several months we have our handyman has reworked our pantry and refrigerator wall, installed beautiful wood-grained tile floor, updated the finish on the kitchen island, and installed new counter tops.  Our final touch will be installing a new back splash.



The original pantry wall

SHL Kitchen After 2

The updated pantry wall

The pantry was awkwardly designed, with the side of the refrigerator being the first thing you encounter then you walk in the kitchen.  I wanted to enclose the refrigerator, pull the pantry out a few inches to be flush with the refrigerator, and push the bar area back to enable us to extend the kitchen island counter top.

Jim, our handyman, started by ripping out the old pantry.  He had to move the refrigerator outlet, the water line for the ice maker, and he added a recessed light to our new pantry (such a luxury).

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo

The ripped out pantry wall

He then framed and drywalled the new pantry, which is about 4 inches wider and 6 inches deeper than the previous pantry.  That doesn’t seem like a lot more space, but it really feels like it to me.

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo I

The new pantry location

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo II

Max approves of the new space

We used the previous cabinet above the refrigerator and framed in the refrigerator.

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo III

The new design is shaping up.

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo IV

I am thrilled that the side of the refrigerator is hidden

At one point we discussed having new cabinets made to match our current cabinets, but the current design is more budget friendly.  We opted to go with a bi-fold door for the new pantry, and we are really happy with the result.

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo VI


We are still determining how we want the bar to be structured, so for now we are using a linen cabinet from Target.  It’s working well so far, but will not be our final piece.

SHL Kitchen Pantry Redo V

Much better!

I hope you like the improvements as much as we do!  Stay tuned to see our new floors!


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