Mudroom Before & After

Finally!  Our mudroom is almost 100% complete.  I still have some little decorative details to add, but it’s 100% functional at this point.  Just in time for our first snow of the season.

When we looked at our house the mudroom looked like this:

mudrrom before 1

My first project after we moved in was to update this space to something a little more appealing when we first walk in the door.

mudroom before 2

I also added a mirror above, and eventually the cute chair moved out and Max’s dog food station took it’s place.  In daily life, this room holds the dog leashes, Max’s food station, our mail, keys, and anything else that we dump when we walk in the door from the garage. It’s our catch all room.

I knew we needed to update the space to something more functional for our needs.  Our hall coat closet is pretty small, and it also acts as our vacuum storage closet, so I wanted to be able to hang our coats, bags, and keys when we first walk in the door.  But, I also didn’t want to see all the clutter when you walk down the hallway to the kitchen.

I drew up my ideas and handed them over to my every trusty handyman, Jim, and he started the construction.


He brought the pieces over as they were completed, and I primed and then painted them Urban Bronze.

mudrrom paint

I painted the inside of the cabinets white and installed temporary contact paper inside the doors.  Once installed, we added hooks for our coats, bags, and keys.

I also added contact paper at the bottom of the upper open shelf so the boxes would slide easier when we need to grab our hats, gloves, and scarves.

It was a work in progress for a bit while all the pieces and parts were constructed and installed, but that didn’t stop Max from enjoying his new dining digs.

mudroom during i

I had the lower shelf installed to act as Max’s food station, and the upper shelf was installed a bit higher than counter height to give him some space while he eats.

mudroom during

We are pretty sure he likes his new space.

mudroom after max

It’s such a small space, that it’s difficult to get decent pictures, but here is the finished mudroom.

mudroom after i

And a view from the hallway.

mudroom hallway

We are loving our new space! Thanks for checking it out.

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